Lyme Disease

Lyme DiseaseInitially defined as a short term infectious illness, in 1975, swiftly eradicated with two weeks of antibiotics, thirty years later clinical findings and state of the art diagnostic labs are illuminating Lyme disease can morph into a complicated systemic condition creating a panoply of symptoms and serious health consequences, if not treated aggressively in the acute phase.

Often mimicking auto-immune disorders, triggering neurological problems; capable of attacking vital organs and spiraling its way from blood stream, to soft tissues and joints, onwards to the spinal fluid and brain, the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria and other micro-organisms transmitted by ticks to humans, is now the USA's number one fastest spreading infectious illness. Everyone is susceptible, all regions affected, as migratory birds and animals transport ticks readily.

Prevention, symptom awareness and Lyme literate health care practitioners are all musts. Most physicians are uneducated about Lyme disease's 'chronic' symptom picture nor its rampant prevalence. The Center for Disease Control states the 24,000 cases reported to them annually are likely a mere 10% of actual cases contracted and undiagnosed annually. Lyme disease is found globally. Be cautious and attentive.

Disclaimer: This website does not claim to diagnose or provide treatment for Lyme disease or other illnesses, but serves to provide information as a means to educate and direct viewers to appropriate sources.


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